What is reflexology?

Reflexology is the ancient practice of massaging a person’s feet. The feet are a microcosm of the body. All the organs, glands and body parts are represented by reflexes in similar arrangement on the feet and follow a logical, anatomical pattern which closely resembles that of the body itself.

When I look at a person’s feet, I visualise the corresponding body parts and organs.

You will see from the map above what I mean!

The principles of reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle art, fascinating ancient science and an effective form of therapeutic foot massage. Gentle pressure is applied to the reflex areas using thumb and finger techniques to trigger physiological changes and stimulate the body’s healing potential.
The purpose of reflexology is to return the body to a state of homeostasis, or equilibrium. The most important step towards achieving this is to reduce tension and induce relaxation because most healing is enabled when the body is relaxed.

At this point, the body’s organs are functioning normally, blood vessels are open, circulation is greatly enhanced, and every cell in the body is supplied with nutrients and oxygen.

A skilled reflexology treatment may take almost 45 minutes to complete. The therapist stimulates all the reflexes in a treatment specific sequence, noting any sensitivity or pain.

Full reflexology treatment (60-minute appointment) £45

Taster & renewal reflexology treatments (30-minute appointment) £35

Not only is this a wonderful treatment and super relaxing, but, even twenty years after qualifying as a reflexologist, it still astounds me how much information I can gather about a client’s physical and emotional state!

Even clients who may be sceptical of the science can benefit enormously from the effects of a deeply relaxing foot massage.

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