Online Hypnotherapy With Carrie Swain

Is online hypnotherapy as effective as face-to-face hypnotherapy? Absolutely, online hypnotherapy is just as effective. There is no difference in the results.

Some people feel even more relaxed and comfortable working from their own home or office which can only add to the positive outcome as we work together. Other advantages of online hypnotherapy include:

  • No travel time to and from appointments.
  • No childcare needed, (you just need to ensure you are not disturbed AT ALL for the hours’ session).
  • No masks, social distancing or other covid restrictions as you will be at homes/work.
  • You can relax in the comfort of your own home afterwards.
  • You can easily have a hypnotherapy session during your lunch break.
  • All you need is a mobile phone/laptop/tablet and a good internet connection.

If you are motivated for change and determined to succeed, hypnotherapy online or in-person can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

With any therapy work, it’s important that you choose the right therapist for you, someone you like, trust and feel comfortable with. For this reason, I offer a consultation which gives us the chance to talk and discuss your needs.

To find out more about online hypnotherapy and its advantages, register your interest today and I will be happy to discuss this with you!

Why Choose Carrie Swain?

Carrie was great in helping me get back to my old self! Went to Carrie to get help with anxiety and dealing with the daily stresses of life. All my anxiety has gone and feel I have the necessary tools to handle anything that comes my way. Thanks Carrie!
Bethany Dean
I booked in with Carrie for a course of sessions for a problem I was desperate to overcome. I have had instant results and feel very optimistic, even after only the first session. She’s brilliant at what she does, and understands the issue youre trying to resolve.
David Allen
What an amazing experience. Carrie was not only professional but very supportive and caring. I found my hypnosis sessions very successful and continue to use all the strategies that Carrie gave me. I will be returning for more sessions very soon and I am also going to try some other things too.
Jane Peck