Aches & Pains

Stress and anxiety are commonly linked with pain.

The mind/body connection is being recognised more than ever as medication alone can have its advantages and side effects.

Often if we find the root cause it is likely to ease the physical element of the pain!

Hypnotherapy, even alongside medication enables the patient to see long-term benefits and not just masking issue.

The number of sessions needed depends on the individual.

Online sessions are now available too!

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Consultation fee £55 redeemable against the treatment or program.

Initial consultations are a therapy session in themselves and are redeemable against any therapy package should you chose to work with Carrie. In the event of a lockdown or testing positive for COVID-19 the remaining session(s) will still go ahead online via zoom or any other online platform suitable to both parties. This is to ensure consistency & beneficial results for the client. (With discretion)

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