In the event of a lockdown or testing positive for COVID-19 the remaining session(s) will still go ahead online via zoom or any other online platform suitable to both parties. This is to ensure consistency & beneficial results for the client. (With discretion)

For your safety & wellness please see the following COVID-19 updates from June 2020:-

I am currently taking bookings for appointments for treatments and consultations.

All the recommended guidelines and recommendations will be adhered to during your appointment.

If you are an existing FOOT HEALTH client you will know that I wear a mask, disposable apron and gloves over scrubs for foot care appointments.

I am happy to offer you gloves, a mask and an apron for your appointment too.

There will be longer gaps between appointments and after each client the area including surfaces, door handles, chairs and couches will be cleaned with barbicide, surgical spirit and tea tree essential oil to remove any residue from chemicals as well as UV light.

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Carrie x