We react to events and experiences in different ways, physically, emotionally and psychologically without knowing what’s happening to us, or why?

I see clients with physical allergic reactions caused by an inappropriate diet. I get emails from parents whose children’s seemingly ‘irrational’ fears are threatening to overwhelm their emotional development. I talk to ‘binge eaters’, whose problems stem from an abusive relationship. The list goes on and on…

I recently treated a client who needed a massage on her aching neck every few weeks. She recognised that her neck pain was worse when she was feeling overwhelmed at work. I investigated more, and it transpired that her ‘pain in the neck’ stemmed from a bullying work colleague whom she regarded as a ‘pain in the neck’. I used NLP technique and hypnotherapy, and am happy to say she’s not needed that type of massage again.

This is an example of holistic therapy and the methods I use to help my clients. When a client and myself commit to working together, I don’t just address the presenting issue they are having problems with such as weight gain or anxiety. I advise on everything from diet, lifestyle, the products they use on their skin and the people they surround themselves with. We take a holistic approach to their life. Strengthening weaker areas and focussing on maintenance strategies for positive decisions and beliefs.

“Building and maintaining a rounded and more balanced approach to your total wellbeing, rather than specific problem-solving can be key to living a happier and healthier life.”

I find that using highly targeted and personalised NLP and hypnotherapy techniques help to unlock physical and psychological barriers. NLP is my preferred approach when I fear there may be external factors at play. Influences such as the food and drink they consume or the substances they apply to their skin can hold the key to total wellbeing.

“What the mind cannot express in tears, causes other organs to weep.”

The systems of the body are connected. You’ve heard the terms ‘gut instinct’ and ‘broken hearted’, there is science and reason behind both phrases. Your gut is the waste disposal unit of your body. The vagus nerve connects the gut and the brain. It relays the instinctive information we need to survive, passing the heart and other major organs along the way. As in your home, where dodgy plumbing can lead to a whole heap of misery, a malfunction in the gut can result in anxiety, depression and low mood alongside any physical effects. It is estimated that 90% of the body’s serotonin, our ‘feel-good’ hormone, is made in the digestive tract. It is vitally important that we look after our gut health and ingest good quality and healthy food to fuel our bodies and repair cells.

The body produces two million red blood cells every second – think about your diet over the past 24 hours, what might your blood cells be made of?

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” Dr Ann Wigmore.

It’s all in the mind

Clinical studies have shown that the heart has a brain of its own! We have 40,000 sensory neurites, brain-like cells located in our heart. They communicate separately from our brain and are responsible for many of our ‘instinct’-based thoughts, decisions and reactions. These connections can be strengthened through meditation and self-hypnosis to improve all aspects of life. I encourage clients and teach clients how to do this themselves. I make personal audio files to help them to nurture and ‘train’ themselves.

Physical, emotional, psychological. We are each a single body made up of a myriad of complex and interconnecting systems, and everything impacts each other.

Without a holistic approach, you only ever treat the symptoms of your problems. It takes a broader view to get to the root cause and deal with the source of the problem, only then do you come close to achieving health and happiness.

Feel nurtured and supported on your journey to wellbeing

Treatments such as hypnotherapy, NLP, reflexology or aromatherapy involve looking beyond the presenting issue. I work with the information I gather during the consultation to look at any underlying lifestyle issues that I feel may be a factor in the client’s wellbeing.

We examine aspects of their life, finding methods to enhance their overall wellbeing, inside and out. Some of these will be minor adjustments; some will involve a more significant commitment. If the client chooses to commit to lifestyle change, I offer full support. Every client leaves a session with knowledge, tips, resources and above all else, self-belief and encouragement.

I enjoy seeing my clients using their knowledge to make positive, long-lasting changes, taking responsibility for their wellbeing, and thriving!

If you would like to book a consultation to see how this holistic approach may help you, then please get in touch by calling 07860 679334.