General Sleep Hypnosis

General Sleep Hypnosis


Struggling to sleep or relax? This General Sleep Hypnosis Audio is your gateway to peaceful nights and rejuvenating rest. This audio session offers a soothing journey into deep relaxation, guided by the expertise of hypnotherapist Carrie Swain.



With Carrie’s gentle voice as your guide, you’ll effortlessly drift into a state of profound calmness, allowing your mind and body to release tension and embrace restorative sleep.

Whether you struggle with insomnia, stress, or simply want to enhance the quality of your sleep, this audio can help. Simply listen before bedtime to experience the transformative power of hypnosis and wake up feeling refreshed, energised, and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Invest in your wellbeing and reclaim your nights with the Sleep Hypnosis Audio by Carrie Swain. Purchase and download today.