January 1st comes around every year. Bringing with it the same opportunity to turn your life around. However, it can be riddled with psychological traps that work against you.

I am going to let you off the hook here and tell you a secret…

Keeping to a goal has little to do with willpower!  Yep, you read that right! Willpower can be depleted as it is not an effective strategy overall.

In both my personal and professional opinion, willpower is weak when it comes to your goals and making them permanent. Why? Because we humans love familiarity, Good or bad!

If we could tap into willpower effectively, we would all be wealthier, fitter, slimmer, and powerful beyond our wildest dreams. Why do you think gyms and slimming clubs are full in January and half empty by March and only 8% of resolutions make it to the end of the year? Because it has nothing to do with will power and everything to do with the program you are running in your mind and the hardwired neuropathways that are embedded into your brain.

I have been in the holistic health industry for twenty years and experienced all kinds of therapies and therapists. I have found there is no healing modality more powerful and rapid with results than NLP and Hypnotherapy.

When it comes to breaking a habit and attaining your goals, willpower is not your friend. That said, it is not all bad news, the good news is you have something more powerful to tap into, where we can really make progress and permanent change without months and years of making and breaking the same promises to ourselves.

And that is the amazing subconscious mind, where all our programming, beliefs, habits, and every single memory is stored, this is the key to your success.  How do you think you are able to drive to work without thinking about it and often ask yourself how you got there?

The power of your subconscious mind and it’s love of familiar patterns is that got you there.

If we knew the powers of using the subconscious, we would all thrive in a fulfilled, happy, and rich existence.

I always pride my clients for recognising that they need support to put a stop to their powerlessness, and together, we remedy the blocks and put them to bed, unlocking the pathway forward into achieving that end goal or aspiration, in a life that you deserve, quickly, painlessly and in a completely relaxing way through the power of hypnotherapy.

I have quickly noticed, trauma does not always lead to unwanted behavioural patterns or addiction, however, I know from my own experiences and that of my many clients, that any addictive behaviour, be that food, alcohol, drugs, social media, exercise, nail biting, work addiction etc, comes from unresolved trauma in our psyche, usually from our experiences from our vulnerability in childhood and throughout our lives that have created long lasting wounds that need to be dealt with compassionately.

It comes as no surprise to me that some of the people I see tell me, “But my childhood was wonderful!”  It may well have been, but due to children not being developed cognitively enough for them to figure out or self soothe in an emotionally heightened situation, the event(s) get trapped in the body and mind and can be detrimental to our development as we move through life.

In my case, being dropped off at nursery school by my father at three years old. I felt It extremely traumatic for me to be left, and later in life this was picked up in a hypnotherapy session and remedied. However, it made a massive imprint on my physical and emotional pathology.

Before the age of seven years old, children spend most of their time in hypnosis, where their subconscious mind is extremely heightened, absorbing what they are hearing and witnessing from their surroundings, observing, and learning from their experiences and people around them.

Within just a few sessions with a client, not only do we remove the side effects of trauma, but we are also unlocking your pathway forward into achieving that end goal or aspiration, to the life that you deserve.

I always encourage clients within hypnosis and encourage daily, to act like you are the person you want to be, visually, emotionally, kinaesthetically. Why? Emotions are the language of our subconscious, our soul. Feel the feeling of already having, doing, being that person and achieving that goal and it instantly brings it closer to you. Call it law of attraction, cosmic ordering, or future pacing, you are subconsciously imprinting that vision, and emotional gratification, thus making it almost real at that moment, sending that signal, that vibration out into our cells and the ether, making you feel good.

I encourage gratitude, affirmations, positive relationships with others as well as clean, healthy living and small achievable goals, which I call stepping stones. I promote self-care practices and tell the clients to treat themselves like they would a friend or a loved one.

Making these things familiar to our everyday life is key and I believe you will achieve, total wellbeing…Inside and out!

As a result, you will enjoy your life a lot more!

  • Live your life.
  • No regrets.
  • Be your best friend.
  • Value yourself.

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