Gel Polish – is it really better for your nails?

Gel Nails HullGel Polish is extremely popular nowadays, and it’s easy to see why. Natural looking polish, with a high shine and no waiting for nails to dry ! It’s a busy woman’s dream. Gel nails applied to fingers and toes, offers a long lasting solution for special occasions and holidays.

One of the first things our clients ask us is whether gel polish is a better option for your nails than acrylic or other extensions.  The answer is there really isn’t a benefit to gel nails, and the right manicure solution lies with you as an individual and your own unique needs.

Lets explore further

Gel nails are said to be more natural and offer a higher shine than other solutions. They also immediately dry and are quick and easy to remove. They are however less durable than the acrylic nail extension and cannot be used to create a longer nail or extend the nail. Gel nails are also odour free compares to acrylics so they score another point here.

One issue flooding the gel nail market currently is the marketing of ‘self-applied’ solutions to individuals. Due to their ease of application, many people are now tempted to skip the salon and apply gel nails themselves. While this might seem like a sensible solution for saving money, there can be risks.

If nails are not adequately prepped prior to application of the gel, there can be a risk they are not applied properly preventing them lasting the expected 2-3 weeks. There is also the increased risk of infection if moisture is trapped under the nail due to them not being applied professionally. We always advise application in a professional salon environment to reduce risk and ensure your nails look tiptop!

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