Are your emotions making you fat?

Eating and drinking go hand in hand with Christmas! On the one hand, we expect to ‘eat, drink and be merry’, but on the other, we want to be gorgeous; slimmer and more fabulous than we’ve ever been!

We promise ourselves that this year, our favourite outfit will make it out of the wardrobe, or the dress we bought a size too small (as something to aim for) will fit!

So, what tends to happen is that, with just a couple of weeks to go, we half-starve on a binge-diet and then give ourselves a tough time when it doesn’t work!

You don’t need me to tell you that’s no way to manage your weight, your health or your emotional wellbeing.

It’s never too late to take control!

If you’re serious about getting away from emotional eating and are fed up with feeling guilty for being trapped in the ‘diet-binge’ cycle, it’s time to take proper control. That means changing the way you think about food and, far more importantly, how you feel about yourself.

If you want to take control of your weight (and all the other emotional baggage that comes with that) in a way that’s both healthy and sustainable, willpower isn’t enough!

You also need to:

  • Change how you think about food choices
  • Make different personal choices
  • Re-set your eating habits
  • Give yourself permission to be higher up your priority list
  • Be motivated and make time for exercise
  • Stop using food as a way of comforting, punishing or rewarding yourself

January is the perfect time to take control once and for all. No more yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, feeling worthless because you’ve eaten a biscuit or any of the other ways you use food to put yourself down!

Drop A Dress Size In 2020 with Carrie Swain Hypnotherapy

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