An effective balancing treatment incorporating soothing massage techniques and ear candles to ease tension, headaches, sinus, nasal and irritable ear congestion, vertigo, catarrh, hayfever and more. All while relaxing the busy mind – £28.00

A stress relieving therapy incorporating aromatic essential oils (optional) applied to the face, neck, head and shoulders. Pressure point and relaxing massage help to relieve tension, headaches, sinus/ear problems and promote relaxation and wellbeing – £30.00

Hot stone massage is a speciality massage that uses smooth, heated stones. They are often basalt, black volcanic rock that absorb and retain heat to help release tight muscles.

• Full body – £45.00
• Half body – £40.00
• Back, neck and shoulder – £30.00

This deep pressure massage is for those who suffer with aches and pains, muscle tension or who just prefer a stronger massage. (Senior Therapist Only). Full Body £40.00, Half Body £30.00, Back, Neck & Shoulder £28.00

A mixture of Balinese, Swedish and Aromatherapy massage, beginning with light body brushing to increase circulation, eliminate toxins and prepare the skin for further treatment (includes back of body, abdomen not included, feet/head optional). All including your choice of aromatherapy oil blended to maximise the benefits of your treatment.

• Full body – £35.00
• Half body – £30.00
• Back, neck and shoulder – £28.00

A deep cleansing treatment paying special attention to the skin on the back and shoulders. Firstly the skin is cleansed followed by exfoliation, steaming and extraction of the blocked pores. Finally a purifying mask leaves the skin fresh and clean – £29.50

• With back neck and shoulder massage – £45.00

To maximise the benefits of the full body detox treatment, we include a scrub, detox wrap and full body massage with essential oils – £65.00

This detox treatment begins with meditative deep breathing techniques to quiet the busy mind. This is followed by dry body brushing to improve the circulation, followed by exfoliation to smooth and eliminate dead skin cells and perfectly preparing the skin for the next stage. Our therapist then cocoons your full body to draw out impurities, hydrate and nourish the skin. A pressure point head or foot massage will take you to a deep state of relaxation and promote detoxification – £45.00

• Bespoke aromatherapy salt scrub – £25.00
• Full body detox wrap – £25.00

An ultra soothing and nourishing aloe based pack swaddles your body infusing the skin with moisture, repairing any damage to the tissues. Perfect for all skin conditions including eczema or sun damaged skin – £30.00

Whilst snuggly enveloped in the wrap, enjoy a deeply sedating head massage.

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